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currently tanning out by my glorious pool and doing HW. Killing 2 birds with one stone. I have class tomorrow and then 1 more week of actual classes before finals. It’s surreal but it’s here. After 3 years of struggling with keeping up to not knowing if I would even graduate on time due to my Dad’s addiction & watching over him, I made it. Although I didn’t get to finish with my class at East Coweta and had to leave my junior year, I’m proud of myself. I sacrificed a lot, I lost most if not all of my friends and I took care of my dad full time, got myself a job and still managed to complete school. I had so many people tell me to just wait, that I had too much on my plate but if I waited, I knew it’d just be put on the back burner. I wanted to do it right. I worked my ass off and I accomplished what a lot of people didn’t think I could. I plan on attending college Spring semester instead of Fall to give myself some time to take a breather and spend the time I lost with my dad before I leave “the nest.” For years, I was too scared to leave my dad for college and settled on staying at home with him. I can’t tell you the weight that’s been lifted off my shoulders knowing he’s going on 130 days sober and he’ll be SAFE without me here and I’ll be able to experience college like I couldn’t high school. I couldn’t have done any of this without my crazy ass mom, my uncle David, my grandad. My sister, believe it or not. And of course my biggest supporter, always telling me to do my best and pushing me forward no matter how much I didn’t want to be pushed, Lance. Most recently, my dad, Don Barber. You’ve given me reason to believe in the impossible. Without your incredible progress, I probably wouldn’t be graduating. And I’d probably be without a Dad. Thank you for choosing me over your addiction.

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I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency there’s just no reason for us to waste our time. I’d rather have no one and wait for substance than to not feel someone and fake the funk. (via unlively)

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i wanna be really hot to the point where i can get free concert tickets you feel me

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I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure. (via iridicat)

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My mother doesn’t like tattoos. She says art belongs on a wall. Well I say no one, not even my mother gets to tell me that I can’t be a masterpiece. Hannah Snowdon (via basementvirtue)

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